Medical Tourism
Biotechnology and artificial intelligence may seem out of reach, but they are always beside us.
Medical tourism allows you to understand biotechnology and artificial intelligence to help you enjoy the journey while keeping in good health, thereby improving the quality of life.

It may sound strange, but many people have been enjoying it. Hong Kong's neighboring regions such as Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and other regions have launched medical tourism services. Among them, South Korea and Indonesia are the most famous. South Korea's services focus on beauty and body shaping, while Indonesia's services focus on cardiac bypass surgery, comprehensive physical examination, and IVF surgery. To attract excellent and cheap medical services, and each has its attractions and tourist attractions, attracting many foreign customers.

The three-day event of this medical tourism exhibition will include rich programming, company exhibitions, and introductions from China to all over the world, to understand the different excellent medical health services and cultures around the world and add more to your future journey.