When artificial intelligence meets biotechnology, what revolutionary changes will it bring to human life? In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has quietly entered all aspects of life. Biomedical technology has greatly shortened the analysis and interpretation time and improved the efficiency of accurate diagnosis through artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence technology has become an indispensable important technology in biomedical science.

Therefore, AI CHINA promotes the Global Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology. Exhibitions are held regularly in different regions every year. Artificial intelligence has become the latest round of industrial development opportunities in the world. AI CHINA is a platform for cooperation and technology exchange in the new generation of the artificial intelligence industry.

The three-day event will include rich programming, company exhibitions and presentations, AI technology and Professional conference, one-on-one partnering, and more than about 200 companies are expected to attend. Among them, AI technology has one-to-one business negotiation, which is convenient for searching and identifying potential partners, collaborators, investors, and internal and external licensing opportunities. We expect to successfully schedule 600 meetings during the 2020 event.